Ryan Zimmer Tells Us How to Make The Best Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Having launched his “Cookieboy” brand of cookies in Hong Kong, the seasoned pastry chef shows us the secrets to making America’s

Having worked at The Fat Duck in England and Alinea in Chicago, pastry chef Ryan Zimmer has developed his pastry-making career in Hong Kong. After taking over Dolce 88 at the JW Marriott, chef Zimmer’s next step is to launch a new brand of American cookies, aptly titled Cookieboy HK, a brand Zimmer co-founded in Hong Kong.

Crafting the perfect American cookie is never easy, according to Zimmer, everyone has his own preference when it comes to a cookie, but his favorite is round, with crisp edges on the outside, soft and chewy in the middle. The filling, or add-ons, will distribute evenly across the cookie.

To make the best chocolate chunk cookies, Zimmer experimented with different varieties of chocolates, sugars and flours, until he reached the verdict on the recipe he develops for the ultimate chocolate chunk cookies, currently available for online orders.

The above video shows the techniques on how to make the best chocolate chunk cookies. Watch closely as chef Zimmer reveals the secrets to making the perfect cookie, best served with a glass of cold milk

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