Father Talk with The City’s Coolest Chefs

Since leaving the hotel food and beverage scene, pastry chef Ryan Zimmer founded Cookieboy, an online cookie business, often featured at pop-up markets across town including Tong Chong Street Market. His two sons, seven-year-old Aidan and four-year-old Avi, are avid fans of his dad’s special and testing subjects of future products.

How do you handle two boys in the family?

Ryan Zimmer: Now that I have more time I get to see them more, I get to see the side I haven’t seen before: the boys are behaved most of the time, thanks to good lessons from my wife, Cherry. They do make petty fights over an iPad every once in a while but most of the time you see them sharing and hanging out. Even better in public, they are very disciplined.

How do you feel about having children early?

RZ: I think starting young is a good. You kickstart your travelling, establishing work at a younger age, and you get to see the kids grow, and help model their adolescence while still being able to see them graduate in college. You will also have the energy to spend time with them, both playing rugby with Aidan or baking with them together. When you are young, you will understand what the children want.

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