5 little things we love October

COOKIEBOY delivers homemade fresh and very pornfood cookies straight to your door

5 little things we love October

Ain’t nothing like a good old homemade cookie, right? Thing is, I must confess, I don’t really have time to cook. Plus never have any ingredients at home. I recently discovered COOKIEBOY which philosophy is to cook cookies with premium ingredients and that very special taste of “homemade w/ love”.

Having a Bday party for your kiddos and don’t have time to cook 50 cookies? A small gathering at the office? A junk boat with friends and you know you’ll all be craving something sweet in the afternoon? Am I the only one to think pretty much any occasion is a good one when it comes to biting into a cookie?

Hong Kong Madame loves: the Peanut Butter cookie, a chunky goodness!

The classic cookies are a must order but you also definitely wanna have a look at the season specials (I mean Apple Pie, Red Velvet or Uji Matcha? Yes, yes and yes again!)

HKD 20/ cookie
HKD 100 for a pack of 6
Delivery is free over HKD 300

More details, please visit  Hong Kong Madame